Environmental Policy

"What are we doing to protect the climate and environment?"

1. Using eco-friendly refrigerants: We use environmentally friendly refrigerants in cooling machines to reduce their impact on the environment. Refrigerants that do not harm the ozone layer and have low greenhouse gas effects are preferred.
2. Eco-friendly packaging: We prefer to use eco-friendly materials when packaging our products. By opting for recyclable and reusable packaging options, we aim to reduce waste.
3. Employee awareness and training: We regularly organize training programs to educate our employees on environmental issues. By fostering awareness of sustainability principles and eco-friendly practices, we ensure the spread of environmental consciousness within the company.
4. Innovation and R&D Activities: We prioritize innovation, research and development (R&D) efforts for the development of climate and environmentally friendly technologies. By researching eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions, we aim to continuously enhance the performance of our products and minimize their environmental impact.